Case Studies

We have delivered over a thousand projects and have helped more than hundred customers with our variety of solutions. We are proud to present a few examples of such complete solutions.

Price Aggregation Solution – Case Study

E-commerce websites are booming for some years now. It is essential for these businesses to remain competitive in terms of prices as well as stay focused on their best selling products.

Our price aggregation solution has been built for one such business. Our client, a major player in e-commerce retail business, needed to know what their competitors are doing in terms of product prices so that they can offer better deals to their customers.

Our solution is an automated crawler which can pull information from thousands of web pages across multiple websites, get prices for products or SKUs which our clients want and present them in usable fashion so that they can automate their business decisions to provide best deals to their customers.

Our solution has helped the client to increase its customer base, retain existing customers and increase the profit manifold since 2012.

Data Driven Business – Case Study

USA is one of the largest consumers of Energy (Electricity, Gas etc.) therefore quite naturally there is huge competition in the market to attract the customers. Our client is a consultant who serves thousands of energy consumers and is responsible for getting them the best deals from the market and saving as much money as they can.

To stay on top of their game, our client needs to know the consumption pattern of each of their customers, what deals are available in the market from various suppliers, do monthly analysis to check previous decisions and make appropriate decisions so that their customers keep saving money.

Our solution does exactly that by harvesting consumers’ usage information, available deals in the market and detecting daily changes in the market. Our business intelligence would show the data in a business friendly way and would allow us to make decisions quickly for individual tailor made requirements and save millions of dollars for their customers since 2012.

Automation Simplified – Case Study

Large part of daily life goes into doing the same tasks again and again. No matter how many productivity tools you use or expensive online services you enroll, there is going to be wasting time on the same monotonous task every day.

Our solution for a client who manages diagnostics centers feels the same. They have subscribed to a very popular online product which allows to manage patients, their diagnostics, insurance, payments and all related activities. However, managing thousands of patients and their information even with the best of the system is no mean feat which wastes thousands of their hours annually. They required a handy solution which can help them fill this productivity gap.

Our solution helps the client, to turn the dumb database management system into an intelligent automated system. Based on customized rules provided by our client, our system will monitor online data, make decisions and update data on their database. Moreover, it can produce reports which existing solution cannot do for them. With our solution, they were able to do more work with less people and time which saved them thousands of dollars since 2016.